Bellefonte Historical and Cultural Association
Bellefonte, Pennsylvania
Minutes of Past Meetings


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October 12, 2017, 7 PM

Bellefonte Train Station


Present: Romayne Naylor, President, Joseph Griffin, Vice-President, Jim Dunne, Secretary; Dave Eggler, Treasurer, Melady Kehm, Keith Koch, Joanne Tosti-Vasey, Nancy Perkins, Gay Dunne, Phil Ruth, Dave Kurtz.  A quorum was in attendance as defined by the BHCA bylaws.


Minutes – Minutes of 2017-9-15 were approved (Joanne, Keith).


Treasurer’s Report (Dave Eggler) – No change from last month  

Committee Reports


     Summer Sounds (JoAnn Knupp) – No report.


     Sunday Afternoons at the Library - Sundays, 2:30 PM, Centre County Library Historical Museum


November 12 ‑ Easterly Chamber Players

Classical and contemporary music arranged for this unique ensemble


     Poetry (Patrick) -               Out Loud at the Bellefonte Art Museum

                                      Friday, 7:30 PM, October 27 - Steven Sherrill & Lee Peterson

 Friday, 7:30 PM, November 17 - Bellefonte Moth - Feasts - Fair & Fowl


    Old House Fair (Joseph) - Dates for next year: June 8,9, 2018. Katy Kolbe is a new member. They are hoping to have a better fund raising result and are working on keynote speakers.                


    Historic Preservation (Jeanne, Joseph) - The 1772 Foundation: Joseph suggests that BHCA is not a large enough organization to receive a grant.  Rod Beard proposal to renovate the Crider Exchange: Rod received 5 responses to his RFP efforts. BHCA and other Bellefonte organizations should consider contributing $1000 each and write letters of support to the County Commissioners. The effort is in the public interest. Dave Kurtz discussed plans for the Kayak and Canoe Museum.


     Talleyrand Park (True) – Part of a grant for the park will be used to fix the pergola. The Welcome sign and the Historical Fountain sign are up.  Kids are playing on the fountain. The park committee is considering a short fence to discourage it, but they don’t want to discourage examination for the fountain details..  The gazebo was power washed.  The suspension bridge will have some boards replaced.


     New Business – ELECTION - Current officers were reelected: Romayne Naylor, President; Joseph Griffen, Vice President: Jim Dunne, Secretary; Dave Eggler, Treasurer.  Board of directors: the BHCA officers are directors per Bylaws. Katy Kolbe, True Fisher, Phil Ruth, Joanne Tosti-Vasey. Were elected to 4 year terms.


     Next BHCA Meeting: 7 PM Friday, November 10 at the Bellefonte Art Museum (confirmed).


Jim Dunne, Secretary